A Step To Reach myDreams

Dreams, a word that is so familiar..

A lot of people want to reach their dreams.

There are so many ways, to get it.

A lot of miserable things on path, vary of challenge and risk.

Bringing some hope and sometimes some pessimist.

The way isn’t so easy, but it’s fun to do the period,

Process to get it even more valuable than the result itself for some case,

It’s myopinion, from myexperience, a step to reach mydreams,

i’ll tell you, a short story about it,

Path to get higher education,

I was an ordinary student, have a chance to continue myeducation in nutrition major at politeknik kesehatan depkes bandung…

Studying nutrition is interesting, learning some knowledge to give more theraphy for patient, sharing knowledge with others people, especially in risk condition. On 28th of october 2009, i ve been graduated.

It was a period to make a decision at the time, continuing mystudy or go to work.

I’ll try to sent application letter to Dipenogoro University, but it was failed, my graduation was too late, i couldn’t continued this year…

Fortunately, i got golden tickets to be a part of nutrition trainer in PKPU, Praxis Project with several friends and senior.

It was a big present after lying in hospital for several days, an interlocal called from central of PKPU, Alhamdulillah..

Come to Jakarta with friends, signing for contract, first trip went to others city without parents ^^

A great job starting here, for about 1 years,  went to one city to others city, 11  city in West Java, Like a Road Show, Making some performances of training and made trainer of Posyandu Team.

In the end of May, i’ve got an information to continued mystudy at Brawijaya University, an institutional that far away from myhouse, it was a dillema decision..

Far away from family, loneliness and i don’t have some family there…

After ask the permission to go to myparents, rely on Allah swt the one and only, i stick myheart and mymind to go to,

loneliness to malang, do some exams as requirement…

Alhamdulillah, i passed the exam.

The process of this period, make feel independent and mature.

The trip was unexpected, but it’s fun.

Make a new relationship with others sisters.

Making some friends.

A step that make me feel better,

enjoying everystep, like a journey of excellence

it just one of myexperience,

i’d like to tell you that, when you believing in your dreams,

keep focus on it, reach it on everypath, and fulfill with pray to allah swt the one and only

maybe your dreams will not come earlier, but it will be, the time will come,

you need a bigger heart and optimistic mind ^^



Komentar Sahabat, Penambah Semangat Saya :D

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