Special Moment Part 3

Alhamdulillah, we arrived safely… In Tea Garden ^^

We start a class of therapy by using basic relaxation and basic survival.

After get some information, we’ve a long march..

The journey was so terrific, it’s about several kilometres.

A lil bit annoying when mybag still full of stuff and mydyspneu not really dissapear…

Fortunately, there are some rest, i can take a deep breath and make me more comfort when i feel so tired…

When i met the car of KORSA, i lil bit relieved.

Finally we’ve arrive, alhamdulillah (i was so tired, and have a plan to give a white flag indeed ^^)

It’s time to make some foods and a tent.

First time to build it up using some raincoat.

A lil bit harder than i expected, but the other team (some ikhwan) help us to make it, Thank you so much ^^

Having a whole afternoon to make it, make us feel hungry and tired, take some meals make us better…

When a night come, we should make a shift to keep the fire lit,

i and aik have a shift in midnight 11-3 am, it’s so freeze ^^


It’s 4th day in DIKLATSAR 4 KORSA

We have a medical agenda today, Basic Life Support.

Starting with an introduction of Triage, we learn how to make a group of victim by it’s priority..

We make bandaged, some trial of RJP  and many more.

This agenda end in the afternoon.

Continuing  agenda with a lecture of natural tent. What a wonderfull tent, it’s myfirst experience to look and feel it!

Out of the Blue, we’ve a command to make a natural tent!


A lil bit harder…

We should collecting the material using leaves, roots and branch.

I and aik had trying  to collect it.

Collect more and more leaves to make it safe and comfort.

Here is the Natural Tent

To be Continued ^^


Komentar Sahabat, Penambah Semangat Saya :D

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