A Journey Start Here Part 3


A period of  time,

A journey of my barchelor degree start here

Before stand on The Great Exam, we have a beautiful journey here

4th September 2011

Welcome Malang, Prepare for the exam ^^

5th of  September 2011

Time to get another exam, fight!

6th- 8th of September 2011

Preparing for Pre-Dietary Intership called Pre-DI

8th-18th of September 2011

Pembekalan mulai dari rotasi klinik, komunitas dan food service..

Great, job!

Full of task, make a questionaire and make presentation of it. Make some HACCP plan in several hour  and many more…

Fiuh, what a terrific weeks

And the peak of these are the grouping in each rotation…

Hm, i got it..

I got RS syaiful Anwar for Clinic, PKM Ardimulyo for comunity and RSUD Kanjuruhan Kepanjen for Food Service Management.. What a far way!

But that are His choice and i knew what the best part of it in the end ^^

5th of December 2011 – 3rd of Feb 2012

A long journey to make my final assignment. Find some respondents in PKM Dinoyo, Do the Data collection and make it interpretation, using SPSS.. Had a statistic consultation, privately… And see dr. Harijanto, as myvice final assignment. Do the presentation and make web consulting… What a full favor!

And Finally i got A grade, alhamdulillah Ya allah….

4th – 9 th of February 2012

I’ll do the best for make a complete final assignment report… But the time didn’t fix at all…

Fortunately, i got exception, thanks God…

10th of February 2012

Yudisium, Finally. It’s End of  nutrition lesson, for a while!

Love You all,

Let’s Make Indonesia Better!



  1. Mbk lienda. Bhs inggrisx lncar banget. Kuncix apa mbk. Smoga impian mbk lienda jd kenyataan ya…dan kbersamaan yg pernah terjadi bersama rekan rekan akan slalu menjadi pengingat dan penanda bagi langkah mbk lienda kedepan

Komentar Sahabat, Penambah Semangat Saya :D

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