Kelas Inspirasi Batch 1


2 April 2012

Mendapat kabar tentang Kelas Inspirasi, kelas bagi relawan dari berbagai profesi untuk memberikan inspirasi akan profesi yang digeluti di 25 SD di Jakarta, melalui FB.

6 April 2012

Pengumuman relawan kelas Inspirasi by email, a lil bit surprise, i’m the one of 659 person that applied this events and be the one of 200 professional, to be a volunteers. The detail are here.

14 April 2012

PGN session, met Pak Anies Baswedan, again… Senangnya, sosialisasi program and what will we do on April 25..

Selain bertemu Pak Anies dan tim yang akan menjadi volunteer di Hari Inspirasi. Kami pun mendapat kelas singkat tentang mengajar efektif, alhamdulillah…

24 April 2012

I’ve Arrive in Jakarta from Malang, alhamdulillah… Let’s prepare all of things for Kelas Inspirasi, the next day…

25 April 2012

5 a.m

at kosan teh Deti in Utan Kayu, dagdigdug… myfirst class will be held in 2 hours..

6 a.m

Meet Pak Arya, together to the TKP (SDN Kota Bambu 01), Tanah Abang area

6.45 a.m

Meet the member of team and make some twist

And The Class Started at 7 a.m


Ceremony to introduce us,

7.15 am

Take a Deep Breath and ACTION

The class was so amazing,

They are so  enthusiast, hearings some history, play together and make they own dreams…

This experience make me feels nervous at the first time but, it’s so nice.. and i wanna make it better from one  class to another class…

12 a.m

The times Up!

We made some photographs, here we are ^^

End session of inspirational class in 6th grade, what a great experience!

12.15 am

Take a photographs with all of school members.

Give some certificate for their participation, thanks for the opportunity, Sir…

The members of teachers and volunteers of inspirational class (Kelas Inspirasi).

Wanna know the story when we come to class ? Let’s check Unforgetable Moment, Kelas Inspirasi #1 here.

These are my story, how’s about you?

Semoga bermanfaat,

Let’s Make it in Myhometown, Bandung…

Any volunteers?





  1. it’s interesting to be a part of your community.. maybe we can share it, together, to make a better world and againts the malnourish
    keep healthy, happy n wealthy with give the best smile ya

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