Looking the past


It’s a really  a great time to remember exactly,

Looking the past, myexperience to meet a lot of people that really inspiring in several days ago, and it start here..

Looking the Past

24 August 2012,

We go to ciledug at 5 am and arrive at 8.30 am,

Ciledug was myfirst experience, come along to this place…

I met Angy’s mother, who is really modest and charming, what a great family !

Living for 2 days there, make me learn about life starting from talking in the living room to dining room, make me realize that life is so simple, as we want and we wanna do it.. Make a simple presentation were our task and it done for about 3 hours for its process, finally.

The first day on ACIKITA, such a great day,

Listening keynotes from Vice President of Ministry of Education and  RRI director,

International founder of ACIKITA and national committe are really inspiring..

The seminar for education system in japan, make me wanna go there, to have higher education, exactly..

There are several professor from indonesia that have a bright lab for research, that found a lot of things for better world, in indonesia especially, an outstanding people i think.

I met Makhyan Jibril, the same student at Brawijaya University, the next young leader and scientist..

(One of student who have funding for his research about diabetes  vaccine, outstanding medical student, i think)

Day 2,

Today is the show time!

I have to do some oral presentation about “vegetables”.  it’s myfirst time to do the presentation in english, exactly.. at 3.pm.

The day is starting with a cancer seminar,  the subjects are interesting, knowing it from the doctor, pharmacist and botanist. it’s like have a course about cancer, i miss to be a student again ^^

The event continuing by some oral presentation.. i got the last presenter, and the show must go on…

It’s really tremble at the first time, but it becomes better after some minutes, alhamdulillah..

(I need to do some classes for speaking in english, i realize it when answer some question about mypresentation, it hard to say)

Oral Presentation Team, 2nd AICST

to be continued…


Komentar Sahabat, Penambah Semangat Saya :D

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