MyLovely Golden Journey


MyLovely Golden Journey, Judul Sebuah Agenda yang tengah saya optimalkan dalam beberapa hari terakhir.

It’s just like make an episode of life exactly…


Flashback of myjourney as introducing…

I’ve graduated mybarchelor of Nutrition and Health Science on February 2012

Me and Mybrother n Sister


on 25th April 2012, i’ve become a volunteer of Kelas Inspirasi, Indonesia Mengajar…

It’s myfirst time to have the A team, caring to others with different profession…

And mychance to know the reality of education in Indonesia, especially in the elementary school.


May 2012 – February 2013

It’s a wonderful experience becoming a part of development “POSYANDU” in Kota Bandung, West Java as a volunteer. Especially in mydistrict, Cibeunying Kaler. I have 51 POSYANDU to get the revitalization. It’s a great idea exactly. Founded by Netty Prasetiyani Heryawan and Ahmad Heryawan as an excellent West Java Governour, i think.


I’ve Join Korps Relawan Salman ITB (KORSA), as MSDM staf, especially focus on disaster management of nutrition.

There are a lot of things that i’ve gotten there, having a caring family, unpredictable event and amazing team!


Becoming a volunteer is a joyful things!

You can make people get their smile, even get disaster or others…


For me, i’ve gotten the benefits of volunteering:

1. Experience/Knowledge

Learning a new skill  in class, labs, or even in your daily life are the big things!

I learned how to balance books, write and dole out grants, market, advertise, and essentially run a business while volunteering.

2. Networking/Friendships

You’ll see a bunch of people every time you spend your time at wherever you volunteer. During that time, you’ll be a colleague in the same field, a co-worker trying to make a business run, and a friend to not just those you work with, but to those you serve. Many times these friendships are temporary, but the impressions and lines of networking can stay in place for years to come. They can open up doors into areas you might not think of for years to come, as well as fill your next holiday party.

3. Satisfaction/self-esteem

We all would like more self confidence, right? There have been several studies looking at how self-esteem and volunteering are related. A social studies research out of Vanderbuilt University shows that volunteering can counter stress, which we could all use. Dr. Carol, a self-esteem coach for teens and young women,concurs and goes on to state that it can help to build stronger relationships and fosters a desire to move past their comfort zone.

4. Improved health

Often times, with improved relationships and a strong sense of self, along comes better health. It should be no surprise then, that a recent study shows that volunteering, especially among teens, can lower cholesterol, reduce inflammation, and even lower BMI.

5. A chance to make your mark

Volunteering is a chance to get out of your comfort zone. You can come up with a new way to teach something, a new idea, and maybe even find a new discovery while playing with people in your community. The sky is the limit when it comes to what you’re willing to pursue while you explore outside the box.

take from


March 2013

It’s mynext trip,

I have a chance to go to others city regularly,

trying a new role as nutritionist and trainer of health and nutrition and many more…

But the things that i want to do is, getting the scholarship for mymaster degree in the best university, insya allah…


I really want to continue here



Insya allah,

I belief nothing IMPOSSIBLE,

but we should to try harder, work smarter and pray harder




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