A Step to Japan, soon


Japan, a great culture, way of life, technology and so on…

I really want to get there ASAP!

after watch this video


Contoh Surat Permohonan kepada Professor


Prof. Masami Takagi

Laboratory of Insect Natural Enemies

Bioresource Sciences Department, Faculty of Agriculture

Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan



Dear Prof. Masami Takagi,


My name is Syaiful Amri Saragih and I am a graduate student at Gadjah Mada University – Indonesia majoring in Entomology Science, Faculty of Agriculture. I have graduated on 22nd of October 2010 after defending my thesis titled : “Diversity and Abundance of Collembolae and Soil Fungi at Rhizosfer of Brachiaria reptans Grass” in front of board of examiners which is graded “A”.


I am now applying for a master scholarship program that offered by MEXT (Monbu-kagaku Sho) Scholarship at Kyushu University. I am interested to take Entomology science at the university since I am intended to be the Indonesian expert on Entomology science in the future. As I have read on the university website stating that you are one of the experts on Entomology science at your institution, I hereby would kindly ask you to be my supervisor for my master research in accordance to one of the requirements of the program.


For your further consideration, please find my curriculum vitae, academic transcript, and some certificates of achievement on the attachment file.


Should there be any further information you need, I am off your assistance.



Syaiful Amri Saragih



Entomology Sciece, Pest and Plant Disease Department

Faculty of Agriculture, Gadjah Mada University

Indonesia 55281

Email :  akhi_amree@yahoo.com

Tel.    :  0813-7018-7993


Komentar Sahabat, Penambah Semangat Saya :D

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