WorldBreastfeeding Week


Today is a worldbreastfeedingweek (1-7 august).

happy world breastfeeding week

why breastmilk?


Did You Know?

Exclusively breastfeed in Indonesia?

asi eksklusif di Indonesia tahun 1987-2007

Decrease from 1987 to 2007. What a Pity!

Exclusively Breastfees 14x to survive

Beside that, there are a lot of benefits of breastfeeding

#1 Decrease newborn mortality

fakta 48 jam pertama kelahiran


#2 The Magic of Breastmilk

The Magic of Breastmilk

#3 Maternal Health


There just 3 of a lot benefit of breastfeed that i tell you here.

#WorldBreastfeedingWeek (WBW) 2014 Objectives

world breastfeeding week 2014 objectives



Still thinking about breastfeed or not?

It’s not a chance but a “fitrah”!



Komentar Sahabat, Penambah Semangat Saya :D

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