Nutrition and Physical Activities for Health


Physical activity is related to some health outcomes, not only body fitness such as Diabetes Mellitus Type II, Cardiovascular Disease, Cancer, Obesity etc.

Regular physical activity is an important health behaviour that can have an independent effect on health.

Nutrition is related to our diet and its respond to our body. Dietary patterns can influenced blood lipids (transfats, saturated fats, and DASH DIET). Proper diet is needed to get a balance life.

Physical activity and nutrition may interact to maximize the health.

Cardiovascular Disease Mortality by Body Fatness and Fitness. Health cost of obesity is bigger every year.

Nutrition and Physical Activities for Health

How to make physical activity without pain?

The answer is continue and step by step or we called it regular and start from the light ones.

We Challenge You, a regular physical activity to try!

we challeng you

Maximize our physical activity with balance nutrition on our diet, let’s check some tips!


1. We should have balance intake and requirement of calories by physical activity

Take a wellnourished foods that contain rich vitamins and mineral.

abcde vitamins
                                                                                    An example of vitamins rich foods

Balance diet and intake, proper foods to Indonesian Guide, “Piring MakanKu, Pedoman Gizi Seimbang” or using MyPlate in US.

Piring MakanKu, Panduan Gizi Seimbang

2. Using MyActivity Pyramid to help managing our activities

myactivity pyramid

Try to be active, to maintain our body and keep Fit!

3. Make some daily note of our diet and physical activity to easier evaluation and reaching our goals


4. Make a grup of family and friends to do the same things, balance nutrition and physical activity

5. Do a regularly a body weight weighting as an early health screening


Check Our Body Mass Index (BMI), We can try this link to know it.

Let’s make it soon, as soon as possible!

Wallahu’alam bishawab.



Komentar Sahabat, Penambah Semangat Saya :D

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