Welcome, September!


A New Brand day is Coming!

Insya allah, life must go ON..

Be better every second…

Dhikr, as a way to remember Him in every breath…


We have a lot of things to do.

But do it with full intention to get His Blessing.. Insya allah we will enjoy the journey, fulfill the day with happiness, courage and passionate…

This Month, i’d like to be a muslimah productive.

Here are some tips to get it…

10 tips to become a productive muslimah 

start with write, a continous write to make a meaning paper or book, insya allah…

and always istikharah for every things, we need Him to occupied the Good ones for Dunya and The Never Ending Life (Akhirat)


Hoping you will give some feed back, suggestions and anything to make me more better…

Alhamdulillah wa Jazakillah khoiran katsiro for A lot of Blessing…


the quran heals


Komentar Sahabat, Penambah Semangat Saya :D

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