How to Make a Creative Mind?


Creative is not a genetic.

But it should be create…



How to Make a Creative Mind?

1. Active to use both of hands

Try to write using left and right hands. Having two arms and use it together in our workouts.  It will strengthen our nerve relationship. It also develop new nerve.

2. Reading

Do you have several books, newspaper, magazine or another e-book? Have you read it? Reading will help us to flex our brain muscle. Reading build cognitive storage againts dementia.

3. Play Puzzle or crosswords

4. Play strategy games

Chess, monopoli or another online games

5. Change the daily activities

If we always do the regular things, try to make a new ones. For example, we can try to wake up more early in the morning and do some light workouts, take a clean breath and have a different atmosphere by walking around our house. Go to the office with different ways or try a new foods. Cooks become raw, maybe.

6. Learn the other Language

We have minimum three language for Indonesian people.. For example I can talk with sundanese, Indonesian and English… Let’s add with arabic and japanese language, insya allah…


Watashiwa Lienda desu

Watashiwa Indoneshia kara kita nda

Yoroshiku Onegai Shimasu  :’)

7. Enjoy Music

I Love This Music

8. Exercise/ Workouts


9. Be Social

Join some communities, help another in public service area and we will produce a good hormones.. Make us happy and find a lot of things that we never thinking about it!

Socialization opportunities

10. Try a New Hobbies

I’d starting a gardening and become a continous writer.. It’s challenging!


Let’s start to be more creative!


Komentar Sahabat, Penambah Semangat Saya :D

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