Let’s Try to Cook


Cooking is a part of our life.

We eat everyday, cooking becomes a routine activity for several of us.

But why we should cooking?

We can buy a lot of ready foods to eat now..

Cooking is a art and process to make something…

Hmmm, Cooking is also a hobby for me…

Let’s do some cooking list before start it!

1. Thinking about what will we have to cook?

We can see our refrigerator first. To know our food stock or get some idea from it

good food start in your fridge

2. Plan what will we cook!

plan what you want to eat

3. Choose a Menu and make groceries list

grocery list of clean eat

4. Try to cook in several ways!

6 ways to cook fish

5. Cook with full of Loves and Enjoy it!

Porsi Piring Gizi Seimbang

             Indonesian Plate Guide

PS: Things to remember

stop hating fat


Hope it usefull!

Let’s Go to Our Kitchen and Prepare Healthy Foods



Komentar Sahabat, Penambah Semangat Saya :D

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