Life is a Gift?


Life is a Gift?

Life is a chance.

To make a meaningful sign..

Life is full of challenge and risk but it lots of joyfull and happiness..

Life is so short, so optimize it…

Life is a Gift?

Life is A Gift

Don’t let Your Problem Become Your Weakness…

Cut the risk with your great performance…

Take the responsibility to make you stronger…

Give the best for people who care you..

Spread the joyful to people around you…

Never let your sadness become your pain…

Start to make a happy life from yourself..

You will find a cheerful day,

A brightful day,


Life is a Gift?

When you waste your time, you will never take it back..

Regret is in the end..

But what will you find then?

Life is a Gift?

Making a great act to maintain people..

Giving a trustworthy things..

Make it happens…

Do it now, and you can say..

Life is a Gift?


Wallahu’alam bishawab…





Komentar Sahabat, Penambah Semangat Saya :D

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