Become a Writter, Why (Not) ?


Writing is a way of thingking,

It’s also a way of expression..

More than that, writing is a way of talking without  being interrupted.

But how to write in order to express yourself, your idea and belief?

There are a lot of path taht we can do.

Alhamdulillah, today i have a chance to meet a lot of writer and learn together about creative way to develop writing ideas…

Starting with knowing what message that will be deliver, who is the reader, and how to make it, a writer can express themself.

But sometimes, we loss the idea, stuck n don’t know what to write,

How to break the situation?

#1. The presenter said that we should try to make a mind mapping.

It was a great way to know the big ideas as a whole idea and make a link to detail it.

This is for the example

health mindmap

For me, it was really amazing…

Helping to write down an idea into detail, easy to use and correction..


Because our brain system is like mind mapping, take some information from the big picture (main idea) and divide by its specifications.

Our mind mapping function not only a tools to get/ develop ideas but also to remember things easier…

I’ve an experience for it, when i was college, this method help me to realize, understand a concept and remembering things.

#2. Make an association between the main idea to a things like a stuff, for example computer, handphone and clown

7 Way to make a happy partner using clown association and clown attribute

Clown attribute as an association ideas, Become a Writter, Why (Not)

Clown Attributes

Entertain, funny, need practice, for party, a profession, children love it, cheerful, using special make up, tools for joke and cockscomb (topi badut).

How to make it integrated ?

7 Ways to make a happy partner using clown association and clown attribute:

Entertain: Great behaviour (warm and cheerful), full of jokes, good looking, manage finance wisely, have a great sense of humor, caring with pure love and service with heart.

Funny: Giving surprise, Take and Give in special moment with unintended things, Serve his favorite foods + beverages, have a special nickname and call for it in certain volume & tones.

Need practice: Practicing to use a smiling face, a polite words, body language and gesture.

For party: Everyday start with small things and continous progress.

A profession: it’s a way to get His paradise,

Children love it: praise upon him, talking each other with a great conditions, appease him and ourself, realize his like and dislike.

Cheerful: Make a warm conversation, having a moment of sharing happiness, get rid of swing mood.

Using special make up: Having a quality time, special moment just him and us,


Tools for joke: Communicate intensively and effective, having a great taste of humor, care and way to express love.

and cockscomb (topi badut): Reward like a gift, upgrading knowledge by joining conference, training and workshop together.

Yes, it’s just sample to develop the important things of 7 ways to make a happy partner using association and its attribute.

Try to make association with random words, it’s important to get a fresh idea and out of the box ideas.

Beside that, it will help to sharpen our knowledge and creativity to explore things as an idea to write.

#3. The pattern of thinking

It was influence by our background, educations and experience.

To have another source of pattern of thinking, we should try a different way…

Like if we want to go to the market, try the different way, when we got there and go home…

There are a lot of tips that you can explore to develop idea for writting.

become a writer, why (not)


Keep calm and writing, are the important step and key.

Writting skill is essential but value of the message is more important.

How to upgrade our writting skills?

the writing process, things to realize as a writer

It needs a lot of practice, practice and practice.

Please remember this quote

write is better, become a writer principle

yeah, it’s a little resume for the workshop that i’ve attended with elex media computindo.

Peserta Cara Kreatif Mencari Ide Penulisan

What a great moment, thanks for this chance!

Hope it usefull…


Komentar Sahabat, Penambah Semangat Saya :D

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