A Journey in Last December 2014


Having a new friends, is one of people want to do in several time…

Having the same ideas to be a better people, better Indonesia is one of myinterest to join the club…

Did you ever heard about ACIKITA before?

ACIKITA is a Non-Government Organization (NGO), established in Tokyo by Indonesian Students on October, 2006. Our membership is open, and we have thousand members from many affiliations around the world. The main framework of our organization is to promote our beloved Indonesia to get a bright future with success to have a high-qualified education. For futher info you can go to the website here.

I have known ACIKITA from the 2nd ACIKITA International Conference on Science and Technology (AICST) on 2012 in Jakarta. I was become one of people who gave an oral presentation there, about myresearch at Brawijaya University (The Proceeding is here).

After that, i joined several activities of ACIKITA, become a volunteer of ACIKITA Education Fair in 2013 and 2014.

In 2014, i’ve met a great volunteer to make such an education fair, her name is Ms. Khuria.

She with her friends, making an education fair with limited resources, but the events successfully held.

After that, we make some ideas to grow up the ACIKITA’s member in Bandung.

We make some planning to annaunce ACIKITA Committee in Bandung…

Having several meeting and some Agenda, we made several activities here as new comers…

We have 3 events that was held on December 2014 :

1. Watching Movie at the Cinema

We have a plan to Watch Doraemon…

A Journey in Last December 2014, Watching Film at The Cinema with ACIKITA member

We make some announcement and want to see that movie on 16th December 2014. But, the ticket was sold out 😀

So, we have decided to see another movie, Exodus.

A Journey in Last December 2014, a movie ticket on ACIKITA Bandung Agenda

2. Meeting in Ms. Khuria House on 20th December 2014

In this time, we have a lot of disscussion about Indonesia Fair. We disscuss about the proposal, Plan to spread it out and having an ideas to have a book review “Orang Jujur Tidak Sekolah” by Andri Rizki Putra. on mid February 2015.

Why we choose this book ?

A Journey in Last December 2014, Bedah Buku Orang Jujur Tidak Sekolah
Sumber Gambar : http://bentangpustaka.com/

Because, in our mind, the problem of education in Indonesia is Honesty and The Spirit to Learn. (Kami merasa Penulis ini merupakan anak muda yang berani mendobrak arus carut-marutnya “pendidikan” di Indonesia. Penulis ini cukup populer dan menginspirasi. Menjadi secercah harapan bahwa dibalik kekacauan pendidikan di Indonesia masih ada berlian-berlian yang bersinar dan juga menginginkan Indonesia yang lebih baik).

This Book Review have an aim to get another young people whom interest to ACIKITA (Acara ini menargetkan anak-anak muda yang bisa bersama-sama berjuang acikita).

Here are the team whom came to the meeting 😀

A Journey in Last December 2014, ACIKITA BANDUNG meeting on 20th Desember 2014

In these time, we have a special guest star, Mr. Irwan from ACIKITA Padang :D. He shared a lot things about ACIKITA in Padang and his experienced there. Thanks Mr. Irwan.


3. Hiking Tahura-Tebing Keraton on 28th December 2014

It was  a great ideas to have a joyful time in the end of 2014.

We’ve plan to go hiking to the North Bandung, Tebing Keraton, one of happening destination :D.

We go to Taman Hutan Raya Juanda (Tahura) at the meeting point.

Here are some photos of the hiking journey…

A Journey in Last December 2014, Hiking ACIKITA Bandung on 28th December

We didn’t get to Tebing Keraton. It was rainy, when we have to take a rest at Bumi Herbal Dago. But it’s enough for the first time 😀

What a great journey….

I hope we will make a better time, another adventures..




  1. Assalamu’alaikum teh lienda… salah satu artikel yang menginsipirasi, sukaaa XD jadi bikin semangat!! untuk kesekian kali alhamdulillah…segala puji bagi Allah SWT yang telah mempertemukan hamba dengan teh lienda… semoga dapat saling memberi manfaat dan berlanjut seterusnya aamiinn….

Komentar Sahabat, Penambah Semangat Saya :D

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