How To Write Scientific Journal Articles


Have you ever in a confused position to write your own journal?

For this time, i would like to share about how to write scientific journal articles…

How To Write Scientific Journal Article

These was a reported by myfriends, Anindhita Syahbi Syagata, student of ageing in University of Tampere.

She attended a course about “how to write journal article down and some tips to publish into international journal”.

The lecture was coming from Oulu, Finland, named Dr. Pekka Belt. He gave open lecture in Tampere with opening sentence, “research is a must for academic area and article is proof of good scientific research!”

First of all, you have to do your research, of course. Then, research is not just about collecting data, but the more important one is writing the article after.

Tips for someone having research data or initiating to do research is: Do not writing the article for nothing. You have to write it down for publishing in famous journal. You have to think about in which journal you want to be an author. “Learning by doing is the only way”, he mentioned it in his slide.

For some academic professional, considering about journal ranking is also important. Academic area will look at you as a professional in journal from three ways :
– Quantity : about how many journal do you have,

– Quality : in which journal is your article published. More famous is better. You should check about its ranking as well, it does not make sense if you were sending into 0 point of journal. It is because if the journal has 0 point, it can be there is a problem with it.

– Citation : how many times your article is cited among others. They will see your journal 3 years after publishing.

Tips for starting researcher:
– Concentrate on speeding up your learning process
– Learning and following high-level research group
– Making research group with your colleagues.

Then, you should consider about journal’s turn around time. It is about how long your journal article will have a process starting from sending an email until publishing yours. You also could find out the time by yourself, like these steps:
– Printed out on articles in some journals
– Mentioned on Journal’s webpage
– Politely ask editor-in-chief
– Utilize tacit knowledge. It means that you should read trough the journal rule very well.

Then, What should I do for starting point?

This is a quite common question for beginner like me. He answered it well,
First, we must learn how to “sell” our article to target audience (editor, reviewers, and readers). Then, research must aim toward publishing. Finally, write article for target journal~follow the rule and write related with it.

Then, for writing an article. I thought that most of us already knew about the structure-title, abstract, background, method, result and discussion, conclusion, reference. Those are quite common structure. But, basically, it depends on which journal do you want to publish yours.

These chart may help to make it.


How To Write Scientific Journal Articles


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