Jum’ah Mubarak…

What will make you happy ?

Lots of money,

Lots of chocolate,

Lots of Smile or

Lots of Love ?

For me happy is coming from ourself.

Alhamdulillah, I’m so grateful to allah swt.

Today, I have some chances to meet new people, mybeloved sister and mybestfriends…

For me, happy is coming from ourself.

Not from another outside us,

All of joyful around us will added our happiness level, aren’t it?

These are several activities that raise up myhappiness level, travelling, gardening and farming 😀

Happy Farming

Happy is start from our mindset,

Our sight and become one of our feeling…

When we have to share something to other people,

Helping people around us,

It will raise our happiness level too.

So, what are you waiting for ?

Will you get happy today?

Today is #InternationalHappinessDay

International Day of Happiness

That’s several key to get happiness..

But, Create your own Happiness…

Start with a little things around you..

Let’s spread happiness around us…





Komentar Sahabat, Penambah Semangat Saya :D

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