How to organize our learning ?


A long life learning is a principle of human being.
We have the 24-hour per day, but why we didn’t have the same result?
It was a fundamental question for us, exactly…

Learn, a choice of life !
Ilmu itu bagaikan tawanan yang meloncat loncat segera keluar dari bui…….
Maka tulislah, lafalkan dan amalkan…

We often meet the difficulties in that process.
Don’t give up and first & foremost have fun on learning…

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity-Albert Einstein

How to organize our learning ?

1. Prepare mentally
By setting ourself goals we can achieve and then checking how the performing of progress itself.

2. Prepare physically
Choose a place where we can really concentrate. It will make us more focus because if we are there, we know that we have to learn… If we can, by finding a calm and satisfying place and time to learn, with our own kit such as pen, paper for taking notes and favorite books.

Technology is one of changing way to learn…

How to organize our learning

3. Prepare socially
By making space in our life away from the distractions of email, messages and social media also.

4. Make an imaginer coach

We can have an imaginer coach… No need money, no need special time to meet him and any obstacle. Sang mentor imajiner saya undang saat saya jenuh, lelah dan kehabisan ide. Pertanyaan yang sering diajukan “sebutkan nikmat dan kebahagian yang sudah kau peroleh. Apakah kau sudah bersyukur? Apa buktinya bahwa kau sudah bersyukur?
Pertanyaan lain, “Bagaimana caranya kau menghabiskan waktu? Apakah waktu yang kau habiskan untuk sesuatu yang produktif atau sia-sia? Apakah kesibukanmu menghasilkan sesuatu? Apakah kesibukanmu mendatangkan pahala?

Nah, sang mentor imajiner bebas bertanya apa saja. Sementara kita harus sibuk menjawab dengan sesuatu yang positif dan solutif. Apabila kita menjawab dengan mencari alasan, melakukan pembenaran yang salah dan hal yang negatif, sang mentor imajiner akan berkata “he..Jamil, apakah sekarang kamu sudah jadi pecundang? Saya tidak mau punya murid murahan.” (Jamil Azzaini)

5. Reward ourself

One of hot button to grow up our moods and have fun feeling on learning things….

If that’s not possible in our crowded and busy life, then recognise this and wait for the opportunity…

That’s are several way to organize our learning, how’s about you?

Learning gives knowledge,
knowledge gives confidence,
confidence gives character
and character creates a person.


#ODOPfor99days #day2


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