Understanding Public Health Nutrition


What Do You Think When You Heard about Public Health ?

Imunization, health promotion, doctors or hospital ?

Is that important to know the importance of public health?

Yes, it is. Health become important things for human, animals etc.

Have you ever heard about Public Health Nutrition ?

Let’s having an understanding about public health nutrition. One of myinterest area to the next degree, insya allah…

Public Health Nutrition focuses on the promotion of good health through nutrition and the primary prevention of nutrition related illness in the population. We learn about nutritional epidemiological research, the role of nutrition in public health, and the identification of practical solutions to public health problems. It has an international perspective. It provides a forum for the cross-linkage of ideas relevant to the solution of nutrition related health problems.

Understanding Public Health Nutrition

Public Health Nutrition is essential knowledge for:

  • Nutritionists and dietitians involved in nutritional epidemiology research, primary prevention, public health, and health promotion
  • Epidemiologists and health promotion specialists interested in the role of nutrition in disease prevention
  • Academics and those involved in fieldwork and the application of research to identify practical solutions to important public health problems


  • Nutritional epidemiology – studies relating nutrition to health or disease risk
  • Nutrition related health promotion
  • Evaluation of effectiveness of intervention studies aimed at improving health
  • Role of nutrition in high risk and vulnerable groups
  • Development of research methods, validation of measures, calibration
  • Population based research related to primary prevention of illness

Public Health Nutrition will update special issues and supplementary issues. These focus on topics of major interest.  It provide the fundamental information of life also.

So, Do you need some help for your health ?

Tell us, and we will help you to solve it, insya allah…..


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