Scholarship Tips n Trick


Knowledge is a part of long life adventures…

It is a path to Jannah, insya allah…

knowledge as path to jannah

I really want to treads a path in search of knowledge, especially in holistic nutrition field.

I got some info to get it. Getting scholarship from award winning scholar and links of scholarship.

Hope this chance will come soon, insha allah.

35 Scholarship links:

1. Australia Award Scholarship (

2. LPDP Scholarship (

3. DIKTI Scholarship
a. Dalam Negeri (
b. Luar Negeri (

4. Turkey Government Scholarship (

5. General Cultural Scholarship India (

6. USA Government Scholarship
a. (
b. (

7. Netherland Government Scholarship (

8. Korean Government Scholarship (

9. Belgium Government Scholarship (

10. Sciences Po France (

11. Utrecht University Netherland (

12. Prasetya Mulya Business School Indonesia (

13. Brunei Darussalam Government Scholarship (

14. Monbugakusho Scholarship Japan (

15. Paramadina University Master Fellowship Indonesia (

16. PPM School of Management Indonesia (

17. University of Twente Netherland (

18. Sweden Government Scholarship (

19. Chinese Government Scholarship (

20. Taiwan Government Scholarship (

21. United Kingdom Government SCholarship (

22. Panasonic Scholarship Japan (

23. Ancora Foundation Scholarship (

24. Asian Public Intellectuals Fellowship Japan (

25. AUN/SEED-Net Scholarship (

26. Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Japan (

27. Seoul National University Korea (

28. DIKTIS Overseas Scholarship (

29. Honjo International Scholarship Foundation Japan (

30. IDB Merit Scholarship Programme for High Technology (

31. International HIV & Drug Use Fellowship USA (

32. Nitori International Scholarship Foundation Japan (

33. School of Government and Public Policy Indonesia (

34. Inpex Scholarship Foundation Japan (

35. Asia University Taiwan (



scholarship application


1. Presentation File (Cultural Awareness of Scholarship Hunter: Basic Tips)

2. Scholarship Story: Application and Interview Guides

3. Strategi Interview Beasiswa

4. Recommendation Letter 1 (Pembimbing Akademik)

5. Recommendation Letter 2 (Pimpinan Unit Kerja)

6. Initial Correspondence with Future Research Supervisor

7. Bukti Korespondensi (A Reply From Future Research Supervisor)

8. Study Objective / Motivational Statement

9. Master Degree Certificate (Terjemahan Ijasah S-2)

10. Bachelor Degree Certificate (Terjemahan Ijasah S-1)

11. Birth Certificate (Terjemahan Akte Kelahiran)

12. ID Card (Terjemahan KTP – Versi Lama)

13. Kuliah di Sydney (Survival Guide 2010/2011)

14. Kuliah di Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, dan Canberra

15. Deferral Letter (Surat Penundaan Keberangkatan Studi Beasiswa)

16. Website Beasiswa

Many people who give up applying for scholarships often do not realise that they just need one more effort to be successful!


Silahkan diamalkan dan dibagikan kepada yang membutuhkan.

Sertai dengan usaha pantang menyerah, doa, sedekah, dan restu orang tua.

Akhinya semua berpulang pada takdir Allah swt dan amalan kita masing-masing. Best of Luck!

Dirgahayu Republik Indonesia ke-69. MERDEKA! MERDEKA! MERDEKA!

Sydney, 17 Agustus 2014

Taken from Jaka Kelana Langlang Buana.

Let’s apply some scholarship, guys!

Having a new degree is a way to develop skills, knowledge and also atttitude…

Ya Rabb, Ridhoi Kami…

Berkahi setiap langkah yang kami tempuh untuk mengais ilmuMu yang terserak di belahan bumi…

Mudahkan segala urusan kami…

Dan lancarkan semua aktivitas kebaikan dan aktivitas harian lainnya…

aamiien ya rabbal’alamin



Master Fellowships in Public Health and Tropical Medicine, Wellcome Trust, UK



Master Fellowships in Public Health and Tropical Medicine, Wellcome Trust, UK

Wellcome Trust UKThis scheme strengthens scientific research capacity in low- and middle-income countries, by providing support for junior researchers to gain research experience and high-quality research training at Masters degree level.

Research projects should be aimed at understanding and controlling diseases (eitherhuman or animal) of relevance to local, national or global health. This can include laboratory based molecular analysis of field or clinical samples, but projects focused solely on studies in vitro or using animal models will not normally be considered under this scheme.

We are particularly interested in requests for research training support in the social sciences, demography, health economics, medical statistics and vector biology.

This fellowship is part of a series of career awards aimed at building sustainable capacity in areas of research that have the potential for increasing health benefits for people and their livestock in low- and middle-income countries.

The Wellcome Trust and the Association of Physicians of Great Britain and Ireland have established a joint Wellcome Trust- Association of Physicians of Great Britain and Ireland Masters Fellowship. Two joint awards per annum will be made, in addition to the Wellcome Trust Masters Fellowships. These will be considered during the selection process for Wellcome Trust Master’s Fellowships – no separate application is required.

What’s included
This fellowship normally provides up to 30 months’ support. A period of 12 months should normally be dedicated to undertaking a taught Masters course at a recognised centre of excellence, combined with up to 18 months to undertake a research project.

While undertaking a Masters course, fellows will receive a stipend in accordance with the cost of living in the country in which he/she will be studying; travel costs and support for approved tuition fees. Masters training by distance learning is acceptable.

Masters course fees will be paid according to the rate charged by the training institution.

A salary is provided for the period of the research project. Project-dedicated research expenses (consumables, small items of equipment, collaborative travel and support to attend scientific meetings, fieldwork and data collection) are also provided. Overseas allowances will be provided where appropriate. Contributions to other costs of the project that are directly incurred by the overseas institution may also be provided.

Research-dedicated costs (excluding salary/stipend costs) should not exceed £20 000 per annum.

If the fellow is already in receipt of a salary from the host institution, the host institution may use this salary to pay for a replacement member of staff while the Trust provides the fellow’s salary/stipend for the duration of the fellowship. It is not expected that the fellow would receive a salary in addition to the one provided by the Trust.

Please note that the Trust is no longer accepting applications from current fellows who wish to extend their grants in order to undertake a PhD. The eligibility criteria for the Training Fellowship in Public Health and Tropical Medicine now includes applicants who have a clinical, basic or Master’s degree and some initial research experience, with the expectation that they will register for a PhD.

You should be:

  • a national or legal resident of a low- and middle-income country, and hold a first degree in subject relevant to tropical medicine or public health (clinical or non-clinical)
  • at an early stage in your career, with limited research experience, but have a demonstrated interest in or aptitude for research.

In general, fellowships may be held in ‘not for profit’ institutions that are able to sign up to our Grant Conditions. Institutions that have not previously received significant funding from us will be required to submit information to enable us to assess eligibility. Applications will not be considered by a decision-making committee until all eligibility checks have been completed.

Fellows must be based in a low- and middle-income country for their research project. The Trust does not provide Masters schemes for UK/RoI-based researchers.

Sponsorship and supervision
You must be based at an eligible host institution in a low- and middle-income country for the research project. Master’s training may be undertaken at a recognised centre of excellence in any location. Master’s degrees by distance learning can be supported.

You must identify an eligible sponsoring institution to administer the fellowship for the full tenure of the award. Applications must be submitted from this host institution and be supported by an appropriate sponsor holding an established post for the duration of the fellowship. Applications must also be supported by the head of the institution.

Your sponsor must guarantee that space and facilities will be made available for you.

An additional sponsor(s) must be identified for periods to be spent outside the host institution (i.e. the institution(s) where periods of training will take place).

You should also be supported by appropriate supervisors who will provide independent support, mentorship and advice in all relevant research areas for the duration of the fellowship.

Sponsors and supervisors should have ongoing research programmes and a track record in research, research training and mentorship.

A sponsor may also be nominated as a supervisor where appropriate.

Application process
A full application form should be completed, via the Trust’s eGrants online application system and submitted at any time before the published deadline. (Note: select ‘International’ in the ‘Funding Area’ drop-down menu, then ‘Fellowships and personal awards’ in the ‘Scheme Type’ menu, then select the ‘Masters Fellowship in Public Health and Tropical Medicine’ form in the ‘Scheme Name’ drop-down menu to choose the full application form).

Please note that your host institution will need to be registered on eGrants before you can create a new application form. A list of registered institutions can be found here. If your host institution is not on this list, you will need to contact eGrants Support for further information, and allow sufficient time for your institution to be registered.

The application should include details of your sponsor’s track record in training and a list of their other students at the institution. It must be supported by the head of the institution where the research will be based, and a career plan for the proposed candidate must be included.

The full application will be reviewed by the relevant Interview Committee, which makes the final decision. Please note that candidates are not interviewed for this fellowship.

Application advice
Research projects should be aimed at understanding and controlling diseases (eitherhuman or animal) of relevance to local, national or global health. This can include laboratory based molecular analysis of field or clinical samples, but projects focused solely on studies in vitro or using animal models will not normally be considered under this scheme.

We are particularly interested in requests for research training support in the social sciences, demography, health economics, medical statistics and vector biology.

You should give careful thought to identifying sponsors and supervisors who possess strong track records in research, training and mentorship. These individuals should provide you with guidance during the application process and throughout the fellowship.

You may not apply for more than one Wellcome Trust fellowship at any one time.

We reserve the right not to process an application if the scheme’s eligibility criteria are not met or if the application has not been completed in full.

Applications are considered twice a year.

  • Next application deadline: 1 March 2013
  • Final decision by Interview Committee: November 2013
  • Next application deadline: 10 December 2013
  • Final decision by Interview Committee: March 2014

Schedule for applications submitted to 23 November 2012 deadline:

  • Final decision by Interview Committee: February 2013

Late applications will not be considered.

Fellowships must be taken up within one year of award.

Enquiries may be directed to, the appropriate stream, or by telephone to the Grants Service Desk: +44 (0)20 7611 2020.

Immunology and Infectious Disease

Populations and Public Health

Neuroscience and Mental Health

Physiological Sciences

Molecules, Genes and Cells

Wellcome Trust
Gibbs Building
215 Euston Road
London NW1 2BE, UK

T +44 (0)20 7611 8888
F +44 (0)20 7611 8545

For more information, please visit official website:

Beasiswa Student Exchange, Universitas Gadjah Mada & Kokushikan University, Jepang


Beasiswa Student Exchange, Universitas Gadjah Mada & Kokushikan University, Jepang

Kokushikan University, Jepang

Universitas Kokushikan bekerja sama dengan Universitas Gadjah Mada membuka program pertukaran pelajar selama satu tahun akademik untuk mahasiswa S1, S2, S3 jurusan hukum, sosial, politik, teknik, matematika, ilmu budaya, ekonomi dan bisnis. Kelas yang ditawarkan menggunakan bahasa Jepang.

Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM)Beasiswa yang ditawarkan adalah beasiswa partial yaitu biaya kuliah.


  1. Mahasiswa S1, S2, S3 UGM dan warga negara Indonesia
  2. Mengisi formulir dan kelengkapan dokumen rangkap 3
  3. Sertifikat kesehatan
  4. Skor TOEFL minimal 550 (tidak menerima TOEFL-Like)
  5. Sertifikat bahasa Jepang (minimal level 2 untuk mahasiswa S1 dan level 1 untuk mahasiswa S2 & S3)
  6. Transkrip nilai, certificate of enrollment, study plan, certificate of eligibility, surat rekomendasi, fotokopi passport, 6 foto terbaru 3×4 terbaru

Formulir dan dokumen dapat diunduh disini

Mohon menyerahkan berkas aplikasi ke KUI F13 selambat-lambatnya 9 September 2013 pukul 09.00 – 15.00 WIB.

Rotary Yoneyama Scholarship


Wanna get study in Japan?

Try to get this scholarship, Rotary Yoneyama Scholarship for applicants residing abroad is for international students scheduled to enroll in a Japanese University or Graduate School.

Applicants have to find out and apply a Japanese university or graduate school by themselves before they apply for this scholarship. And they are requested to submit the copy of the application for admission for the university / graduate school.

Only the applicants who will enroll the universities / graduate schools located in the below-listed areas are eligible. Those in other areas are not eligible. In addition, the condition of requirement for Japanese ability differs depending on the area where applicants’ targeted universities / graduate schools are located. So, please check the list carefully. If your targeted school is located in non-listed area, you can’t apply this scholarship this year.

The area accepting the application & The requirements for the level of Japanese language ability

Toyama Prefecture, Ishikawa Prefecture, Osaka Metropolitan Area, Tokyo Metropolitan Area, Kanagawa Prefecture except for Yokohama and Kawasaki city

  • Not evaluate the Japanese ability in the application-screening process

Hokkaido ( Abashiri, Asahikawa, Kitami, Kushiro, Nayoro, Obihiro, Wakkanai),Tochigi Prefecture, Gunma Prefecture

  • The ability to understand some basic Japanese. *JLPT level: N5

Iwate Prefecture, Miyagi Prefecture, Chiba Prefecture

  • The ability to understand basic Japanese. *JLPT level: N4

Aichi Prefecture, Yamagata Prefecture, Ibaraki Prefecture, Aomori Prefecture

  • The ability to understand Japanese used in everyday situations to a certain degree. *JLPT level: N3

Yokohama and Kawasaki City in Kanagawa Prefecture, Fukui Prefecture, Shiga Prefecture, Kyoto Metropolitan Area, Nara Prefecture

  • The ability to understand Japanese used in everyday situations, and in a variety of circumstances to a certain degree. *JLPT level: N2

Rotary Yoneyama Scholarship

Read the Application Guidelines thoroughly and carefully, then prepare the documents precisely.

Please don’t submit any documents which are not required in the Guidelines.

Application Guide and Prescribed Forms
When applying, please download and use the following documents:

  1. Application Guide for Rotary Yoneyama Scholarship for Applicants Residing Abroad
  2. Application for Scholarship
  3. Research Plan at Japanese University
  4. Composition “Objective of my studies in Japan”
  5. Recommendation Letter

Application Documents should be sent by email to the foundation.

Application deadline: 16 October 2013 1:00P.M. Japan time for both April and October 2014 Enrollment. Application documents must arrive by the date.

Announcement of Selection Results
Notification of selection results is made by email at the following times:

  1. For April enrollment: Beginning of February 2014
  2. For fall enrollment: Beginning of July 2014

*If the applicant is rejected for admission to the issuing university, s/he will lose eligibility for the scholarship at that point.

For April enrollment: Scholarship payment begins in April 2014

For fall enrollment: Scholarship payment begins in October (or September) 2014

  1. Undergraduates 100,000 yen per month
  2. Master’s students 140,000 yen per month
  3. Doctoral students 140,000 yen per month
  4. Research students (undergraduate, master’s and doctoral research students) 100,000 yen per month

Only for the first year of the scholarship, a supplemental of 400,000 yen is provided upon arrival in Japan.

Yoneyama scholars are to arrive in Japan prior to the month of their admission. Irrespective of the reason, if they do not arrive in Japan by the month that their scholarship will begin to be paid, they will lose their eligibility.

*The application guideline is judged based on the one written in Japanese.

Contact Information
If you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact us by e-mail or fax.

Rotary Yoneyama Memorial Foundation
FAX: +81-3-3578-8281


UQ Science International Postgraduate Scholarships, University of Queensland, Australia


Do You want get some master of science scholarship?

Let’s check this info…

The Faculty of Science is proud to offer the UQ Science International Postgraduate Scholarships program. The program is two-tiered with applicants eligible to be considered either for scholarships valued at a total of AU $12,000 or AU $5,000 with one application. Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of academic performance and the applicant’s personal statement.

Science Postgraduate Excellence Scholarships

Total value AU $12,000 (paid AU $6,000 in first semester of study and AU $6,000 in second semester of study)

Science Postgraduate Merit Scholarships

Total value AU $5,000 (paid at AU $3,000 in first semester of study and AU $2,000 in second semester of study)

The scholarships are available for students applying for entry into any of the science coursework programs at postgraduate level.

Eligible Programs:

UQ Science International Postgraduate Scholarships, University of Queensland, Australia

For more information on these postgraduate programs visit:

Download the scholarship flyer (PDF 2.2MB).

The scholarships are available for international students who have completed undergraduate studies and have been accepted into an eligible postgraduate program at UQ. Applicants must be classified as an international student in Australia.

Please view the complete Terms & Conditions before applying.

(Australian citizens and Australian permanent residents are invited to apply for UQ’s available domestic scholarships at:

1. Lodge an official UQ undergraduate or postgraduate application form for international students ( for entry into one of the eligible Science programs (listed in Appendix 1) to the UQ International Admissions Section or through your agent.

UQ International Admissions Section
UQ International
Level 2, JD Story Building
The University of Queensland
Brisbane, Queensland, 4072 Australia

2. Receive a UQ Student ID Number

3. Complete and submit the Science International Scholarship online application form below.

By submitting an online application you acknowledge that you have read and understand the scholarship Terms & Conditions.

Scholarship applications must be received by 12 midnight Australian Eastern Standard Time (EST) on:

  • 31 October to commence in Semester 1, 2014 (February)

For enquiries contact:
Phone: +61 3 8676 7004 (outside Australia)
Phone: 1800 671 980 (within Australia)
Enquiry form:

For more information, please visit official website:


Monash International Leadership Scholarship, Monash University, Australia

Monash International Leadership Scholarship, Monash University, Australia

Monash University Australia


  • 100% course fees* paid until the minimum number of points for your degree are completed
  • Recipients may be asked to participate or be profiled in relevant Monash marketing, recruitment and promotional materials and/or events.

* Excludes OSHC, accommodation and living costs.

Number offered
Six scholarships are available. Applications from students from all countries are invited and countries with strategic priorities for Monash will be given preference.


  • Based on academic achievement
  • Students will also be assessed on their scholarship application statement and their potential to be an ambassador for Monash University

All conditions must be met

Note: the following students are not eligible to apply for this scholarship:

  • Students enrolling in Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) or Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Students in Monash Pathway programs (eg Monash College and Monash University Foundation Year)
  • Students transferring from another Monash campus or applying to Monash from another Australian University
  • Students studying Australian Year 12*

*Students studying Australian Year 12 may be eligible for the Monash International Scholarship for Excellence

You must maintain a distinction average (70% or above) each semester

Application and other information

  • Can be deferred within the same calender year only
  • You must submit a separate application form for this scholarship (due dates as below)
  • You must submit an application for a Monash course before applying for this scholarship
  • Do not submit supporting documentation with your application – this will not be considered

For more information, please visit official website:

Al-Habeeb Scholarship for MA in Multimedia Journalism, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

Al-Habeeb Scholarship for MA in Multimedia Journalism, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

Manchester Metropolitan University UKWe are delighted to be offering one Al-Habeeb Scholarship for £5,000 for the full-time MA in Multimedia Journalism, in the Faculty of Humanities, Languages and Social Science at Manchester Metropolitan University, for September 2013 entry.

The purpose of the Al-Habeeb Scholarship is to encourage student recipients to champion and promote the issues facing Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities in the United Kingdom through journalism and writing.

The Scholarship was established in 2013 thanks to the generosity of University graduate Mr Mohammad Habeebullah OBE JP.

About the MA Multimedia Journalism (full-time)
Graduates of all disciplines are equipped with knowledge and skills in journalism through intensive practical training and tuition. Designed to meet the requirements of the Broadcast Journalism Training Council, the course is taught by dedicated staff with media and industry experience, and strong professional connections. You will benefit from a mandatory placement providing key networking opportunities which will also enhance your employability.


  1. Candidates must apply to, and receive an offer of a place on, the full-time MA Multimedia Journalism degree for 2013 entry before applying for the Scholarship.
  2. Candidates must demonstrate their interest in championing and advocating BME community issues through volunteering, employment, academic study and/or in writing.
  3. The Scholarship is available to candidates for the full-time MA in Multimedia Journalism programme only.
  4. The Scholarship is available to self-funded candidates only.
  5. The Scholarship is available to candidates of any nationality from the UK, EU and overseas.
  6. The Al-Habeeb Scholarship may not be added to other University bursaries or scholarships, such as the family or Vice Chancellor’s scholarships.

How to apply
To apply for the Al-Habeeb Scholarship, you must:

  1. Apply to, and receive an offer of a place on, the full-time MA Multimedia Journalism degree programme at Manchester Metropolitan University for 2013 entry.
  2. Download and complete the Al-Habeeb Scholarship Application Form and read the terms and conditions (on the final page of the form).
  3. The Al-Habeeb Scholarship Application Form asks the applicant to write a personal statement of approximately 1000 words, which should cover the following four areas:
    1. demonstrate an interest in writing and/or debating about BME issues (giving specific examples of academic/writing experience where/if possible);
    2. provide examples of how to tackle stereotypes and myths about BME communities through journalism;
    3. suggest ways to improve communications between BME communities and host communities;
    4. describe how an applicant would be an advocate and champion for BME community issues during their studies and after completing the programme.

    The answers to the four sections will be allocated points and used by the Al-Habeeb Scholarship Awarding Panel to select the Scholarship recipient.

  4. Submit your CV together with the completed Al-Habeeb Scholarship Application Form. The CV will be used to corroborate experience outlined in the personal statement.

Submit your Al-Habeeb Scholarship Application Form, together with your CV to:


Post: Alumni and Development, Manchester Metropolitan University, Bellhouse, Lower Ormond Street, Manchester, M15 6BX, United Kingdom

Fax: +44 (0)161 247 1418

Closing date for applications
The closing date for applications is Friday 20 September 2013.

The successful candidate will be notified of the Al-Habeeb Scholarship Awarding Panel’s decision at the end of September 2013. The Awarding Panel’s decision is final.

Further Information
For further information about the Al-Habeeb Scholarship, please contact

The University reserves the right to withdraw or amend a scholarship or bursary without prior notification. Scholarships and bursaries are offered subject to funding and availability.